Kestrel Nestbox Program

American Kestrels are on the decline, and limited nesting sites are part of that declline.  We have had great success with our American Kestrel nestbox installations, and the 2022 nesting season is no exception.  If you happen upon a Kestrel with legband(s), please report your sighting and location to [email protected].  

Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owls

To reuse is to recycle!  In 2020, we built some hack boxes for our American Kestrel Nestbox and Release Program.  Now they will help the Pygmy Owls.

Hack boxes provide a safe place for fledgling raptors to roost as well as a place to learn to fly and hunt before being released into the wild.  We no longer need our boxes for the kestrels, so we are donating them the the AZ Game & Fish Dept.  They will head to southern Arizona to assist the AZGFD with their efforts to help the tiny Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owls.  Yeah!

West Willow Lake Management Planning

The City of Prescott is developing its plan for the best use of their properties on Willow Lake's west shoreline. Prescott Audubon is involved in this habitat management plan.

The operating lease for the gravel plant that operated on the west shore of Willow lake has now expired, and the City wants to use that area in a way that is more compatible with their goal to manage Willow Lake for its natural assets.  We have been advising the City on the best ways to protect the birds and the habitat there, while allowing recreational access.  We will continue to speak for all the sensitive wildlife in this beautiful section of the lake. Stay tuned! 

Once again, our PAS team joined in the annual Prescott Creeks Clean-up!

Granite Creek Clean-up

Prescott Audubon was not only a financial supporter of the 2022 Granite Creek Clean-up, but also a few members were able to get out and pick up some trash! The Prescott Audubon Society (PAS) team joined up with another team to clean up the middle section of Miller Creek. The teams trekked about two miles, mostly along the edge of the creek. It was cool and surprisingly beautiful at the water’s edge. Birdsong and glimpses of birds helped make the morning fly by. The teams collected lots of plastic, paper and cardboard, lumber, pipe, and one tire for a total of 8 bags of trash. Meeting and making friends with other like-minded people was a bonus!