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Our Window on Nature (WoN) programs will be at our new venue, the Natural History Institute on Marina Street, downtown Prescott.  As ever, we are happy to offer this event free to our entire community!  
See below for the upcoming program.
We want to offer our sincere appreciation to Trinity Presbyterian Church for hosting this Prescott Audubon program for years...decades, in fact.  We honor this partnership and the many, many wonderful WoN events held at Trinity Presbyterian's Grace Mitchell Hall. 
For technical reasons, and because we see a bright future in our new partnership with the Natural History Institute, we are trying this new venue.  

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"Flying Jewels in Your Backyard!"

Our next program will be Tuesday, March 19.  The featured speaker is Barbara Robinson, a USGS Master Hummingbird Bander

Barbara Robinson is a USGS Master Hummingbird Bander with almost 15,000 records in her database. She has co-authored several scientific papers. Before she started banding hummers, Barbara was a hawk bander with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory in California. When she and her husband moved to the Sierra Foothills she went from hawks to hummers and soon learned that hummers are a lot more challenging than hawks. Barbara will share how she captures these little jewels and describe the complexities in identifying the various species.

Barbara hopes to continue banding and studying hummingbirds in Arizona, but for now is just enjoying observing the various species the Prescott area offers.

Programs begin with a half-hour meet-and-greet at 6:30 PM. The talks begin at 7PM. Location: Natural History Institute, 126 N Marina St, in Prescott. Prescott Programs are free and open to the public.  Can't make it to the live presentation?  Go to Window on Nature-Prescott Audubon Society to watch live. Recording of previous meetings can be found here as well.

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